Grand Darmo Suite is located in Jalan Progo, one of the business areas in Raya Darmo district. Our location is right across the popular Surabaya’s recreational & religious tourism spot, Sunan Bungkul Surabaya.

The Suite is just a minute away from the downtown and can be reached from the Juanda International Airport easily.

Nearby Places:

  • 1 minutes┬áto the Recreational Park and culinary center Taman Bungkul Surabaya
  • 3 minutes to tourist attractions Surabaya Zoo
  • 4 minutes to jalan Tunjungan shopping area of Surabaya
  • 6 minutes to Surabaya Town Square
  • 16 minutes to the terminal Purabaya Surabaya
  • 22 minutes to the International airport Juanda Surabaya